Prince Valiant Vol. 8: 1951-1952 by Hal Foster – Photoset Preview

"One of the greatest comic strips of all time and a peak in visual splendor and breathtaking adventure, the story of Prince Valiant's 30-plus year odyssey is getting a marvelous presentation in Fantagraphics' series of books…" – The Huffington Post

“Medieval swordplay and adventure have never been as glorious as in Foster’s Sunday-only comic strip. This edition has been reproduced from pristine printer’s proofs to give the gorgeous artwork its crispest version ever…. Prince Valiant is one of the best-drawn comics ever, and this new edition does ample justice to its achievement.” – Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"If you've never read Prince Valiant at all, I highly implore you to give it a shot with Fantagraphics' current hardcover reprints. They're huge, beautiful — the best these strips have looked since their original publication, if not exceeding them. They're world-spanning adventure comics of the highest order — in a pantheon of titles ranging from Corto Maltese to Kamandi to Tintin." – Joe Keatinge

Prince Valiant Vol. 8: 1951-1952
by Hal Foster

120-page full-color 10.25" x 14" hardcover • $35.00
ISBN: 978-1-60699-699-0

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