Plant Your Face in Some Digital Comics!

This week’s digital comics are from all over the metaphorical map. Let’s do it!

Behold Bullwhip: the mysterious crime fighter sworn to keep Metro City’s streets safe from villainy. Writer Josh Bayer, acclaimed artist Benjamin Marra, and Firestorm co-creator Al Milgrom team up for “Web of Oblivion” which pits our hero against time-traveling vampires, amongst other baddies. All Time Comics: Bullwhip #1 is now available through comiXology.






Both Carol Swain and Russell Patterson are the focus of our backlist titles this week as well. Load up your tablets with these books, most long out of print, at new low prices on comiXology:

Foodboy by Carol Swain

Giraffes in My Hair: A Rock ’N’ Roll Life by Bruce Paley and Carol Swain

Top Hats and Flappers: The Art of Russell Patterson