Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955 (Vol. 1) Introduction by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Peanuts: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Author and film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum has put his introduction to Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955, titled "Peanuts: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," on his blog in its entirety for your reading enjoyment. Here's the first paragraph to get you started:

It was one thing to read Sunday color Peanuts comic strips from 1952 to 1955 at the rate of one per week, when they came out — and not only because they would have wound up in the trash like the rest of the Sunday paper, long before my brothers and I went to sleep that night. And it's quite another thing to read them all today, piled together in the present volume, one after the other, seven or eight panels at a time, as if they're the successive chapters of an ongoing serial — or maybe just the latest portions of an endless white picket fence that stretches towards some version of infinity or eternity (or at least roughly half a century of dependable continuity, in any case).

Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955 (Vol. 1) by Charles M. Schulz