{product_snapshot:id=1515,true,false,false,left}Beasts! is a classic mythological menagerie, comprised only of creatures that were thought at one time to actually exist, depicted by about a hundred of the most acclaimed artists and cartoonists coming from the most avant-garde ambits of the art world. The Beasts project has fired the imaginations of luminaries such as Craig Thompson, Souther Salazar, Jeff Soto, Glenn Barr, Dave Cooper, Tim Biskup, Seonna Hong, Jeremy Fish and Jay Ryan, who present never-before-seen art completely original to this book, superbly laid out in breathtaking, full-color two-page spreads. Beasts! collects many of the best visual artists from the worlds of…

Interview – Jim Woodring (1993)

Originally published in The Comics Journal #164, November 1993 {mosimage}I was first introduced to Jim Woodring by Gil Kane in 1986. At the time, Jim was a storyboard artist at the animation studio Ruby-Spears, where he worked with Gil. Gil, who can be a relentless proponent of discoveries, insisted that I meet Jim, whom he told me was a great artist as well as a great human being. Against my own better judgment — why would a great artist, much less a great human being, work for a second-rate animation studio, I wondered — I got together with Jim and…

Interview – Peter Bagge (1993)

Originally published in The Comics Journal #159, 1993 {mosimage}Two days after his 35th birthday, Carole Sobocinski interviewed Peter Bagge. SOBOCINSKI: So the age of 35 is generally considered to be a midpoint in life where we reach a lot of crucial decisions about who we are and where we’re going. With that in mind, have you noticed any changes in terms of your outlook in life, your approach to life? Are you satisfied with where you are, where you’re going? BAGGE: Yes, to the latter. As far as changing outlooks on life in general, it seems to me that as…

Know your Burdens.

Robert Burden does large portraits of his childhood toys, then frames them atop the paintings, which gives you some idea of the enormous scale of his work. Bob Burden draws Flaming Carrot and writes Gumby comics.

Blog Flume

Tim Hensley, Jonathan Bennett, Todd Hignite, Alvin Buenaventura and Ken Parille have started a blog, and it's bound to become one of my very favorite cartooning-related blogs around. Two of my favorite cartoonists (Bennett & Hensley), my favorite comics mag editor (Hignite), one of my favorite comics critics (Parille), and one of my favorite publishers (Buenaventura). That's one heavy-hitting lineup. Add to your RSS feed, already.

What is an “Ink Stud”?

I did a doubletake last night at home as my wife and I were hanging out and JEOPARDY was on the television, and I heard Alex Trebek give an answer in a category about New York City. It was something to the effect of: "This neighborhood is home to artists Maya Lin and Art Spiegelman."* I thought I'd hallucinated it, but my wife heard it, too. First the Simpsons, now Jeopardy. What's next? Oprah? A run for the Senate? A spot in "The Surreal Life"? You go, Artie! * By the way, the answer is "SoHo."