Now available from Rosebud Archives: Skippy Vs. the Mob

Skippy Vs. the Mob - Percy Crosby

Presenting a brand new book from our good friends at Rosebud Archives: Skippy Vs. the Mob. "This important new book collects, for the first time, the only continuity Percy Crosby ever drew in his widely-syndicated Skippy comics, and features a comprehensive essay by the artist’s courageous daughter, chronicling an astonishing history of fraud, persecution, and betrayal. Here, for the first time, is a story ripped from the headlines — a spiraling saga that grew far too large for one man to handle." Rosebud's Jonathan Barli showed me a copy at the MoCCA fest last weekend and it is a beautifully produced package. Read more about the book and order your copy here. (And don't forget, you can order many Rosebud Archives products here on our website.)