Note to aspiring cartoonists

Listen to your mothers: patience is a virtue. If you submit something to Fantagraphics at a convention over a weekend, do not start calling us on Monday morning to find out how much we liked it and to ask when your contract will go in the mail because we've likely been busy enough working a con and keeping up with our lives to have read your comic yet (we may have even brought home other comics that we also want to read, and we might not be able to read all of those by  Monday morning, either, go figure!). Do not continue calling every day if no one calls you back, because this is most assuredly not an endearing trait that will serve you well. If you are making us uncomfortable in your efforts to get a reponse or answer from us, you may well find that you get an answer that much more quickly than the approximately 1000 other people we hear from every year, but it's also that much more likely to not be the answer you were looking for. Furthermore, when we finally do write you back in an effort to stop you from continuing to harrass us, do not get angry at us for not doing so sooner. You are not helping yourself.