New Comics Day/Now in Stock 7/4/12: Castle Waiting #17

This week's comic shop shipment is slated to include the following new title (contact your local shop to confirm availability and U.S. holiday hours), which is also now available and shipping from our mail-order department:

Castle Waiting Vol. II #17
by Linda Medley

24-page black & white comic book • $3.95

Also available: 2-issue subscription to #17-18 • $5.50 postpaid

Linda Medley continues to gather loose ends and drop new hints in this new issue of the beloved series. Chess has a surprising revelation about the identity of baby Pinter's father — could it be tied in with the war? The Hammerlings Dayne & Tolly bid farewell to the castle, but not before leaving behind a surprise gift which Rackham discovers later (along with the strange gift Dr. Fell left in an earlier issue). Sister Peace has a tete-a-tete with the demon Leeds regarding religious artifacts — did you know demons collect them? Simon struggles with his reading lessons until Jain helps him have a breakthrough. And Jain faces off with the castle ghost!

Preview the first 3 pages (click each image to enlarge):

Castle Waiting Vol. II #17 - page 1

Castle Waiting Vol. II #17 - page 2

Castle Waiting Vol. II #17 - page 3