New Comics Day 2.25.2015

This week's comic shop shipment is slated to include the following new title. Read on to see what comics-blog commentators and web-savvy comic shops are saying about them (more to be added as they appear), check out our previews at the links, and contact your local shop to confirm availability.
Inner City Romance
Inner City Romance
by Guy Colwell

200-page black & white 8" x 10" softcover
$24.99 | 978-1-60699-813-7
"These gritty, sometimes hedonistic short stories about multiracial prison and low-income life spare no details of sex, drugs, or radical activism….Adults only; good for historical and social justice collections." –Martha Cornog, Library Journal 
BONUS?! Guy Colwell is appearing on FRIDAY at Pegasus Books with Bob Levin for a Q&A. San Francisco, we'll see you there!