More Peanuts for Your Digital Collection!

coverThis week’s digital release is Peanuts Every Sunday Vol. 3: 1961–1965.

Since their original publication, Peanuts Sundays have almost always been collected and reprinted in black and white. But many who read Peanuts in their original Sunday papers remain fond of the striking coloring, which makes for a surprisingly different reading experience. The early- to mid-1960s strips in our latest volume houses the first golden age of Peanuts Sundays in one gorgeous, full-color book.


Linus, Charlie Brown, Pig-Pen, Shermy, Violet, Sally, Patty, and Schroeder are all present, but the rising star is undoubtedly Snoopy. Peanuts Every Sunday Vol. 3: 1961–1965 has been scrupulously re-colored to match the original syndicate coloring ― allowing readers to plunge even deeper into Charles Schulz’s marvelous world. This entire collection of classic strips (and all our Peanuts releases) can be yours through comiXology today!