Michael Kupperman Takes On The Scarlet Empress

The Scarlet Empress

Let's all go to the movies with Michael Kupperman!

Comedian and Emmy-award winning Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan has devised the "Closely Watched Films" series, for "hardcore movie nerds and beginning cinephiles alike." And on Wednesday, December 7th, Kupperman will join him at 92Y Tribeca [ 200 Hudson Street, NYC ] for a look at the 1934 film The Scarlet Empress, starring Marlene Dietrich. 

Together, they will discuss "rare bursts of Hollywood madness, von Sternberg’s Svengali relationship with Dietrich and whether historical accuracy is ever necessary." And based on Kupperman's latest, Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010, I'm gonna say the answer to that last part is… naw.