Lust by Ellen Forney – Exclusive Preview

Riding a wave of accolades for her illustrations in Sherman Alexie’s acclaimed young-adult novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Ellen Forney returns this winter with a brand new collection of her funny, sexy cartoons. Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s…


{product_snapshot:id=735,true,false,true,left}Ellen Forney’s follow-up to her wildly popular I Love Led Zeppelin is a collection of cartoons celebrating the sometimes stunningly crude, sometimes surprisingly sweet online world of personal classifieds. Forney has for several years been illustrating the Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger‘s “Lustlab” classified ads by interpreting the most interesting, outrageous, or idiosyncratic ad in that week’s paper. To cap it off, the collection includes a section of interviews with the people who placed the ads, conducted by Forney, and an introduction by the notorious sex advice columnist and novelist (and Stranger editor), Dan Savage.

"Ellen Forney's drawing is more versatile, more erotic, and more adventurous than the entire sexual underbelly of Seattle put together. Which is saying quite a lot, after having read some of these ads." – Alison Bechdel

"Forney's line work is so graceful, bold and supple it's hard not to feel like you're ogling it." –

"Ellen Forney is the rare comic artist that can take someone's kinks and make them look like endearing, fascinating quirks." – Dan Savage and Corianton Hale, from the Introduction

"Forney's sympathetic sense of humor and sensuous brush lines make her work resonate with a bold, friendly energy… Forney has a golden knack for making even the fringiest, most squick-inducing sexual practices look fun, funny, sexy and human (if not exactly "normal"), without robbing them of their edge… Now this is a sexual education, and one that can't help but bring a smile to the face of all but the most uptight readers." – Detroit Metro Times

"Alternately clever and goofy, Lust is a fantastic voyage into the nether regions of human desire. [Grade] A-" – Entertainment Weekly

"Whether you're a true kinkster or a part-time voyeur who occasionally skims online personals, it's hard to tear yourself away from Lust… No matter who — or what — your yen, Lust is worth a peep." – Readymade

"Give your partner a copy of Ellen Forney's Lust… It's a great way to open the door for discussing different kinks you might be interested in exploring." – Fleshbot

Download these exclusive PDF previews: 4 pages of interviews (92 KB) and 30 pages of cartoons (452 KB).