Introducing Love and Rockets Subscriptions

Introducing Love and Rockets subscriptions!

We brought back Love and Rockets to it’s magazine origins with Volume IV, and are offering an exclusive service through our website to subscribe to our first 6 issues.

Love and Rockets only comes three times a year! Don’t miss out on new issues of the best comic series the medium has ever seen with our handy 6-issue subscription offering. You pay one flat rate of $25 plus shipping and we’ll deliver a fresh (and exclusive) Fantagraphics variant issue straight to your door. It’s like getting an entire issue for free!

Sign up at any time and we’ll send you what’s already been released of issues #1-#6 plus any up-coming issues in the 6-issue subscription offering. Already have the first issue? Simply select from the dropdown option to start on issue #2 or #3! It’s the easiest and cheapest way of staying up to date with your favorite comics and characters.