Kupperman Helps Fayettenam Records Grow Up/Move Out

Tony Millionaire and Scott Jacobson
photo credit: Anne Fishbein

That's Fantagraphics friend Scott Jacobson to the far right, one of the former writers of The Daily Show who helped develop Michael Kupperman's Snake ‘N’ Bacon [adult swim] pilot.

How can Scott look so sad when he's standing next to the mighty-mustachioed Tony Millionaire? Well, it could be because they were attending something called "Beefsteak 2011," or maybe it's because Scott recently decided to shutter his indie label, Fayettenam Records. (Fine, maybe it's neither of those reasons.)

But at least the label is going out in pure style, with the compilation Grow Up/Move Out, featuring some super-rad artwork from the aforementioned Mr. Kupperman!

It's got a killer, killer line-up, and I'll let Scott describe it: "The songs are all unreleased or super-rare, and include beautiful contributions from Darren Hayman, Tenement Halls, The Human Hearts featuring Franklin Bruno, Jeffrey Lewis, Refrigerator, Peter Peter Hughes, Heartbreak Scene featuring Mark Szabo, Saucer featuring Bill Goffrier of Big Dipper and the Embarrassment, Matthew Hattie Hein, Brian Dewan, Mean Spirit'd Robots, Kleenex Girl Wonder, The Tony Green Orchestra, Ron House, and two young Brooklyn bands of whom I'm a huge fan: Hospitality and Darlings."

And you can get this digital-only compilation now for a suggested donation of $7.00 — or hell, give more! All proceeds (minus Bandcamp's 15%) are being donated to City Harvest, an NYC-based homeless charity.

Oh, and I should mention that Scott's other final Fayettenam release is an actual, physical 7" single by The Human Hearts featuring Franklin Bruno… Yep, the same Franklin Bruno who composed the theme music for Michael Kupperman's Snake ‘N’ Bacon [adult swim] pilot! FULL CIRCLE FLOG POST! Get yours today!