Joan, Ed, and Jason


A U.S. debut, issue #1 of a new monthly comic, and a return from an old favorite — this week’s digital releases are by Fantagraphics’ heavy hitters!


Mox Nox is Joan Cornellà’s long-awaited first book to be published in the United States — a collection of viciously funny comic strips that have struck such a nerve on social media that his Facebook page has garnered over one million fan followers. Each single-page strip is a wordless, full-color, hand-painted marvel of the comic strip form. That Cornellà’s visually inviting artwork is in the service of his graphic sense of humor/horror only heightens the appeal. All the smiling psychopaths, side-splitting gags, and cringe-inducing farce can be yours on comiXology and Sequential.


Hip Hop Family Tree #1 takes Ed Piskor‘s New York Times bestselling book series to places you’ve never seen before. A new cover, artwork, a “director’s commentary” section describing the motivation, process, and research involved in making this masterpiece, plus other surprises can all be found in the first issue of this monthly comic! This debut highlights the breakdancers, graffiti artists, DJs and MCs who formed hip hop culture beginning in the rec rooms of the south Bronx in the 1970s. You’ll discover who invented the term “Hip Hop”, be introduced to people like Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa, and discover where they fit into the culture as pioneers… every month. Catch it on comiXology!


Jason’s back! His latest collection If You Steal indulges his light and playful side, consisting of eleven wildly off-kilter stories that mix incongruous elements of pop culture and a variety of genres, pastiches and mash-ups in a delightful brick of elegant graphic storytelling. Frida Kahlo is a hired killer. Santo, the Mexican wrestling film star, faces his ultimate challenge. The rise and fall of Chet Baker—told in six pages. Night of the Vampire Hunter. The last word on the JFK assassination conspiracies. A non-linear heist story that also somehow includes images by Magritte. A big bug based on 1950s black-and-white films. And what would Van Morrison’s Moondance album look like if it were a horror comic? All as foretold by Nostradamus, of course. And all can be read on your own personal reading device from comiXology and Sequential.