Jim Woodring’s Frank pinball backglass

Frank pinball backglass

It was exactly 2 years ago today that I first reported on some mysterious Jim Woodring artwork that appeared to be for a Frank pinball machine. Today our very own pinball aficionado Larry Reid sent me a link which sheds light on that unexplained image! Pinball collector and Woodring fan Eli Curtz commissioned the artwork from Jim, and then commissioned Classic Playfield Reproductions to produce a custom backglass (the vertical backlit display above/behind the playfield) for a homebrew Frank machine that Eli is constructing. This is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen.

The backglass was produced in a small edition and Eli will have a few extras to sell off — information about that and the project as a whole can be found at Eli's website, with additional images, including the original artwork, here. More detailed images and additional information can be found at the Classic Playfield Reproductions website.