Hip Hop Family Tree #6 and Blubber #2 Go Digital

It’s all hip hop and humanoids on your digital reading devices this week with new releases from two Fantagraphics favorites.



First up is the sixth issue of Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Famiy Tree monthly comic. This edition features the first hip hop movie, Wild Style, as Piskor breaks the film down and shows exactly how it fits into the wider pop culture landscape. Highlighting the people, places, and events that made Wild Style a cult classic, Hip Hop Family Tree #6 can be yours through comiXology.






Today also marks the second volume of Gilbert Hernandez’s awesomely gruesome Blubber. In #2 humans have joined the cast of animals! A special agent is sent to rid the forest of the carnivorous Pollum, a superwoman must find a lost artifact for the strip club to continue to run its business, and a priest and his colleagues hunt down zombies. Take home all Blubber’s over-the-top violence and explicit sex with the help of comiXology and Sequential.