Heroes Con 2015

ii_conley_sml_square-420x420Called America’s Favorite Comic Book Convention, Heroes Con of Charlotte, NC certainly knows how to pull a crowd of fans and artists. While Fantagraphics themselves won’t be there, we highly highly recommend you check out some of our artists who’ll be learning some Southern charm this coming weekend.

Charles Forsman, Oily Comics – AA 1010
He’s the creator of the well loved and regarded series, The End of the Fucking World (TEOTFW), Celebrated Summer, and Revenger. Chuck Forsman is a CCS grad who’s clean linework juxtaposed against hard-hitting stories makes for engaging reads.

Benjamin Marra – AA 1008
With a history of a variety of comics and illustration under his belt, Ben Marra will be publishing his first Fantagraphics book, Terror Assaulter: One Man War on Terror, later this fall.

Ed Piskor – AA 1011
Hip-Hop history is American history, and Ed Piskor is brings its story to the veterans and uninitiated alike with his series, Hip Hop Family Tree. The third volume of this expertly rendered series will be available in stores soon, with the first issue of our monthly HHFT series right behind it!

Drew Weing – AA 1119
A prolific creator of the webcomic series’: “The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo”, “Pup”, and “Wulf and Merl”, Drew also published the delightful maritime book Set to Sea with Fantagraphics. His all ages books are a perfect blend of adventure and heart to hook any reader.


There is a solid lineup of panels as always, and the blend of mainstream and indie artists is a welcome hodgepodge of people that represent so much of what comics has to offer. So hit up Heroes Con, hit up these artists, and get some art straight to your brain.