Henry Speaks for Himself by John Liney – Photoset Preview

"First of all, the veil of anonymity is being pulled away and John Liney is finally getting some recognition. And best of all, you are about to have the opportunity to enjoy some of the fine work of this overlooked comic book creator." – Kim Deitch, from his foreword

"We hope you enjoy our efforts to bring this long-unseen material to the public and that the name of John Liney will finally find its rightful place among the great names in the business, alongside Barks, Stanley, Kelly, Carlson, Wolverton, and others." – editor David Tosh, from his introduction

Henry Speaks for Himself
by John Liney (Henry created by Carl Anderson)
Edited by David Tosh

160-page full-color 7.6" x 10.45" softcover • $24.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-733-8

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