Graham and Gilbert Go Digital!








This week, our digital offerings through comiXology include Graham Ingels’ new EC collection and Gilbert Hernandez’s innovative issue of Blubber.







Even in an era of explicit horror films, “Ghastly” Graham Ingels still delivers a shock to readers with his grisly depictions of the stomach-churning fates of the evil men and women in the stories collected in Grave Business.

Ingels’ brushwork oozes ominously across every panel, perfectly setting the mood for the shudder-inducing fates of such corrupt characters as the sadistic asylum director, the political candidate who murders his opponent, the ventriloquist with the homicidal “dummy,” the millionaire who persecutes an aged junkman, and the medieval duke who runs over a young boy with his carriage then taxes the peasants to pay for cleaning up his victim’s blood. All of these classic horror stories and a generous dose of dreadful puns can be yours through comiXology for $18.99.

And what’s this? Could it be? An all-new, stand-alone, one-shot comic book from one of our greatest living cartoonists? Beto is back, folks. Blubber features six mostly wordless, thoroughly surreal adventures featuring a cast of misfits, monsters, and anthropomorphs that could only spring from the id of the great Gilbert Hernandez, last year’s Eisner Award winner for “Best Short Story”! You can browse this issue on your personal reading device in all its “Adults Only” glory for only $3.99!