Giant Robot: A Little Less Giant Now

40% Off, Kids...


Well, you can read the graphic: After six wonderful years in the East Village, Giant Robot New York are closing their brightly-colored doors, and now's a great chance to pick up some of our titles at 40% off in their store, and snag some other great deals, too.

We here at Fantagraphics are sad to see this wonderful shop and gallery go.  Over the years, GRNY has hosted some great events featuring our artists, most recently, Paul Hornschemeier, during his tour with Jay Ryan. We've also been excited to have our artists featured in their exhibits, like the "Free Ice Cream Day" show back in 2007, which included original artwork from MOME artists like Anders Nilsen, Jeffrey Brown, and R. Kikuo Johnson.

And on a personal note, I'm sad to see GRNY go, because during my impoverished residence in New York, it was one of my favorite escapes: a place to see wonderful, inspiring exhibits (for free!), and peruse a well-curated selection of really rad merchandise. (Hey, are those Kozyndan sneakers still there? Size 6.5 right here, friends.)