Get Two of the World’s Best Cartoonists on Your Tablets!

Lucky you! We’ve got a brand new graphic novel by Cathy Malkasian and a couple new-to-digital backlist bangers from Roger Langridge this week.

Cathy Malkasian has quietly been making one of the most impressive bodies of comic work over the last decade, and Eartha continues this incredible run. For thousands of years, unfinished dreams — sex fantasies, murder plots, wishful thinking — came to Echo Fjord to find sanctuary. But recently, they’ve stopped coming and Eartha is tasked with solving the mystery. Malkasian’s stunning landscapes, depictions of nature, and character nuance are on full display in Eartha, now available through comiXology and Google Play.


Also, we’re proud to introduce the relentlessly absurd and playfully cynical comics of Roger Langridge to the digital marketplace. Starting today, these two hilarious collections can now be yours through comiXology:

Fred the Clown

Art d’Ecco