FU News!

FU_logomark_Mar15Two new publications are on the horizon for Fantagraphics Underground…








In June we’ll be releasing Disillusioned Illusions.










This debut full-length book from Greg Stump hilariously highlights a pair of washed-up silhouettes as they abandon the optical illusion business to make the graphic novel they desperately hope will rocket them to fame and fortune.

“A one-of-a-kind endeavor, built entirely on a very funny, constantly shifting dialogue exchange. It’s the My Dinner with Andre of comics!”
— Peter Bagge


Next will be the debut of Guy Colwell’s impressive print collection Street Scenes.










Colwell, the seminal underground cartoonist who created Inner City Romance, has been constructing social realist pen and ink drawings for nearly half a century. Street Scenes collects his most moving drawings focusing on both the vile decay and inspirational vibrancy of city life in a series of 36 stand-alone prints.

“Many of [Colwell’s] paintings depict big crowds, perfectly capturing how it feels to be trapped with a bunch of other humans. They seem to breathe sweat and people-stink, with interchangeable bare limbs popping out of the mass here and there. Between the political fights nobody wins (certainly not the good guys), explicit sex that’s often more despairing than beautiful, and ordinary people rendered with an agonized blend of love and hate, Colwell captured the essence of the ’70s zeitgeist.”

When in stock, these books will be available through the Fantagraphics website or can be ordered by your local comic shop.

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