New Comic Book Day: Frank in the 3rd Dimension by Jim Woodring

FRANK-in-3rd-Dimension-coverThis is your chance to see Frank as you’ve never seen him before. Not the stark black-and-white Frank. Not even the glorious fully-painted Frank. No, this is Frank in the third dimension: about as real as you can get him. Frank and Frank’s world are already hallucinatory, but seeing him in the most technologically advanced and artistically crafted 3-D ever produced is an experience that has to be savored to be believed. The 3-D process for Frank in the 3rd Dimension involves creating more than 150 layers per drawing in order to round and “sculpt” each image into full, volumetric 3-D. The results are mind-staggering. Frank in the 3rd Dimension is a series of Jim Woodring’s loveliest pictures — including never before published anecdotal visual vignettes, dioramas, moments pickled in time (and now “space”) to be mused and mulled over.

Snip20160120_53The book includes a pair of 3D glasses designed by Jim himself that you’ll need to view these images in their full glory. Find it today at your local book or comic shop and online at Check out a video preview below: