Forney event at Hugo House this Friday

The Hugo Literary Series, debuting in October , 2007, is firmly rooted in the mission of our organization: to provide writers of all ages and backgrounds with the resources they need, connect audiences with the world of writing, foster the creation of new work and promote the literary arts as a vital part of our culture.

Each monthly event features three writers working in a collage of styles, forms and genres, each approaching a common theme from different points of view. We encourage them to give their imaginations free reign and to work without constraint, sense of obligation, censorship or stylistic frame.

At the Hugo Literary Series, you'll meet writers with a willingness to take risks, to work without the safety net of editors, publishers or reviewers telling them the piece is good before they stand in front of an audience and read it out loud. Writers who invite you into the creative process and share both the exhilaration of creating something new and the terror of being in the room as a private dream goes public for the first time.

Ellen will also teach a three-hour workshop the following afternoon:

Star in Your Own Comic Strip

Your life is full of good stories: Falling in love with your first car, and totaling it. Winning an arm-wrestling contest against your fitness instructor. The one-page comic format is perfect for short, snappy, autobiographical anecdotes. In this studio class, we'll cover some of the basics of writing and structuring a dynamic story, do some entertaining (I promise!) drawing exercises and lay out and draw a one-page story about… YOU! Drawing experience helpful but definitely not necessary!