Fantagraphics Summer 2024 Catalog Announced: A Celebration of Classic Comics and Innovative New Graphic Novels

Fantagraphics is thrilled to present our Summer 2024 catalog, a sweeping collection of iconic classics, contemporary creativity, and new heights of the comics medium from around the globe including a new 80-page book from legendary cartoonist Charles Burns!

Fantagraphics is committed to publishing powerful, politically-charged works that resonate in these turbulent times. Ari Richter’s Never Again Will I Visit Auschwitz weaves his ancestors’ harrowing Holocaust survivor stories with his personal encounters with contemporary authoritarianism and anti-Semitism; this graphic memoir is an intimate reflection on coming to grips with the past told with delicacy, immediacy, and an attention to surreal detail. In Mark Twain’s War Prayer, Seymour Chwast’s striking illustrations boldly emphasize Twain’s potent critique of misguided patriotism, bringing his vital message into the 21st century.

Not to be outdone, these Fantagraphics mainstays are back with new books: Charles Burns’s Kommix conjures a series of ’80 fictional comic book covers, creating a darkly whimsical alternate storytelling realm that melds romance, horror, and sci-fi. Drew Friedman returns with Shtick Figures, a collection that captures the essence of diverse American icons with his distinct illustrative flair. In Delights, Guy Colwell channels Hieronymus Bosch, offering a graphic novel that explores the tension between the sacred and the profane, mirroring Colwell’s own bold career in underground comix.

This season also celebrates two original graphic novels infused with humor and pathos in equal measure. Comedian Maria Bamford and her partner, the artist Scott Marvel Cassidy, pen the rom-com graphic novella Hogbook and Lazer Eyes, an eccentric love story narrated by their pugs that combines naturalistic illustration with sharp comedic timing. Popularized on Instagram, Benjamin Marra’s What We Mean By Yesterday Vol. 1 takes readers on a surreal journey with schoolteacher Bruce Barnes, whose black comedy descent into madness echoes intense dramas like Falling Down and Breaking Bad.

Fantagraphics spotlights dynamic South American cartoonists. Award-winning Argentine cartoonist Sole Otero marks her English language debut with Mothballs, a moving family saga in which a granddaughter uncovers her grandmother’s hushed history of sexual violence, reflecting the enduring struggles of women’s independence in Argentina. Colombian artist Powerpaola’s All My Bicycles transforms bicycles into symbols of memory and identity, charting a path of self-discovery. Rafael Grampá and Janaina de Luna curate the explosive anthology Braba, a vibrant selection of stories from Brazil’s rich comics tradition.

Fantagraphics features acclaimed European cartoonists by showcasing an array of exceptional graphic novels. With Petar & Liza, Croatian artist Miroslav Sekulic-Struja paints in dazzling gouache the humanistic love story between a poet and a dancer in war-torn Croatia. Iris: A Novel for Viewers by Thé Tjong-Khing and Lo Hartog van Banda is a trailblazing Dutch work that weaves together a 1960s anti-capitalist narrative with psychedelic visuals. Tommi Musturi’s Future is a genre-defying, philosophical graphic novel, peppered with existential musings, that presents a multifaceted view of humanity’s possible destinies. And Fantagraphics brings the work of Italian master Attilio Micheluzzi into English with the WWII saga Marcel Labrume, which chronicles the noirish exploits of a journalist and a suspected spy in the Middle East.

Finally, Fantagraphics remains committed to bringing the roots of the medium back into print. This season continues the celebrated classics series The EC Artists’ Library and The Atlas Comics Library, the freewheeling underground comix adventures of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, as well as several beloved collections of Disney comics from such fan-favorite creators as Carl Barks and Don Rosa.

With an unbeatable slate of Summer 2024 releases, whose quality, range, and originality remain second to none, Fantagraphics reaffirms our commitment to presenting the work of the world’s greatest cartoonists, ensuring that readers will be engaged, enlightened, and entertained.