Fantagraphics punks out with Sacred Heart

Fantagraphics has forged through the digital wilderness and secured the international publishing rights to Liz Suburbia's popular webcomic Sacred Heart—which is about present day high-schoolers in an unholy land—as a one-shot graphic novel in Summer 2015.

Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia

There's an absence of authority in the town of Alexandria, and the teens are trying to keep their makeshift society together until their parents return. But students keep dying mysteriously, local band The Crotchmen rock the nights away, freshmen palm readers and seers have lines out the door, and Ben Schiller has had it up to HERE with her sister Empathy's disappearing act. It's a punk summer vacation that might not make it to fall.

In Suburbia's debut graphic novel, every time the veil is lifted, another one shimmers into existence. "Fantagraphics puts out some of the coolest comics on earth, and I'm completely stoked and humbled to have the opportunity to work with them on Sacred Heart," stated Suburbia.

Liz Suburbia

The glowing black-and-white, pen-and-ink pages of Sacred Heart shine a light on what it means to age into darkness with no one to guide you. "Sacred Heart floored me in the way that it echoes so many of my favorite coming-of-age comics, including Jaime Hernandez's early Locas work and Charles Burns's Black Hole, and yet does so in a way that is wholly original and reflective of her own generation," says Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds. "There is a playfulness and exuberance to her line that I find completely addictive and immersive."

Liz Suburbia is an Army brat who came of age in the DC area and now lives and makes comics in Nevada. She believes anyone can make a comic and everyone should. She also has an ongoing series called Cyanide Milkshake.