Fantagraphics is hiring!

Fantagraphics is looking for a Seasonal Warehouse Associate in the company’s warehouse located in South Seattle, WA.

Part-time, 5-day/40 hours a week from November 13, 2023 – January 05, 2024

Salary range: $18.69 an hour

Seattle-based in SoDo warehouse

Job Description

Fantagraphics is seeking a seasonal Warehouse Associate to join our team from November 13, 2023 to January 05, 2024. The ideal candidate will be responsible for various tasks related to the efficient and organized operation of our warehouse. This role will require physical dexterity, attention to detail, and the ability to handle a variety of responsibilities. If you are interested in comics and need some extra work around the holidays, this position could be the perfect fit for you.

Key Responsibilities

• **Receiving New Inventory:**

   – Receive and inspect incoming inventory shipments.

   – Verify the accuracy of received items against purchase orders.

•  **Incorporating New Books into Regular Inventory:**

   – Reorganize warehouse shelves to accommodate new inventory.

   – Ensure proper categorization and labeling of items.

•  **Restocking Shelves from Backstock/Overstock:**

   – Monitor and replenish shelves with stock from the storage areas.

•  **Unpacking and Shelving Restock Shipments:**

   – Unpack restock shipments efficiently.

   – Properly shelve and organize items to maintain a neat and accessible inventory.

•  **Maintaining the Organization of Longer Book Series:**

   – Ensure series and collections are maintained in a sequential and organized manner.

   – Update and maintain accurate records of book series.

•  **Physical Requirements:**

   – Operate equipment like ladders to access high shelves.

   – Lift and carry boxes weighing between 25-50 pounds.

   – Safely break down cardboard boxes and dispose of them properly.

   – Assist in stacking and moving pallets as needed.


– Ability to climb ladders and lift heavy objects (25-50 lbs).

– Ability to read and speak English. 

– Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

– Team player with good communication skills.

– Basic computer skills for inventory tracking.

– Previous warehouse experience is a plus.

– A passion for comics is a plus, but not necessary.


To Apply for the Position: Send resume to with the subject line “Warehouse Associate.” No phone calls please!

Equal Opportunity

Fantagraphics is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, socio-economic status, marital status, parental status, medical history, or any non-merit characteristic.

About The Company

For close to 50 years, Fantagraphics has published the very best comics and graphic novels that the medium has to offer. Our mission is to celebrate great cartooning in all its incarnations, from the form’s early luminaries to contemporary artists currently forging the future of visual storytelling. Not content to rest on our laurels and extensive roster of talented artists, we constantly seek out fresh voices from across the globe. Thus, we honor the rich history of comics while providing a platform for bold new stories, styles, and perspectives that push the boundaries of the medium. Fantagraphics remains peerless in our commitment to be the publisher of the world’s greatest cartoonists.