Fantagraphics goes to San Diego Comic-Con 2018 — The Signing Schedule!


Signing Schedule – Fantagraphics Booth #1721

Come one, come all! We’ve got a great line-up this year, with special guests, new faces, and old favorites. Come on down to Booth #1721, say hello, and get your books signed by some of the world’s greatest cartoonists.
Thursday, July 19th
11am-12pm – Emil Ferris
11am-12pm – Manuele Fior, Noah Van Sciver, Emil Ferris
12pm-1pm – Trina Robbins, Carol Tyler
1pm-2pm – Sammy Harkham
2pm-3pm – Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez
3pm-4pm – Emil Ferris, Robert Williams
5pm-6pm – D.J. Bryant
Friday, July 20th
11am-12pm – Jordan Crane, D.J. Bryant
12pm-1pm – Emil Ferris
1pm-2pm – Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez
2pm-3pm – Noah Van Sciver, Lawrence Hubbard
3pm-4pm – Carol Tyler, Robert Williams, Trina Robbins
5pm-6pm –  Manuele Fior, Charles Glaubitz
Saturday, July 21st
10am-11pm – Charles Glaubitz, D.J. Bryant
11am-12pm – Robert Goodin, Andrew Brandou, Matthew Nastuk
12pm-1pm – Johnny Ryan, Lawrence Hubbard
1pm-2pm –  Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez
2pm-3pm – Carol Tyler, Robert Williams
3pm-4pm – Manuele Fior, Noah Van Sciver
4pm-5pm – Emil Ferris, Stan Sakai
6pm-6pm – Emil Ferris

Sunday, July 22nd

10am-11pm – Charles Glaubitz, Carol Tyler
11am-12pm – Gilbert Hernandez, Emil Ferris
12pm-1pm – Emil Ferris, Trina Robbins
1pm-2pm –  Noah Van Sciver, Lawrence Hubbard
2pm-3pm – Robert Williams, Manuele Fior
See you there!