The Fantagraphics 4/20 Sale 2018!

Come one, come all, and enjoy super low prices for super high people during this year’s Fantagraphics 4/20 Sale! Now through Tuesday, April 24th, we’re giving you a smokin’ 20% off of some of our favorite stoner comedies, trippy art books, underground comix, and more! Plus follow us on Twitter and retweet our official sale post between now and midnight 4/24 for the chance to win a copy of Simon Hanselmann’s newest masterpiece, One More Year, signed by the cartoonist!

Check out the Fanta staff recommendations below, then head over to to start shopping!

Staff Recommendations:

RJ: Starseeds by Charles Glabitz

Here’s some science fiction (or is it?) for you conspiracy-minded truth seekers! Starseeds chronicles the battle between dark and light, between the Illuminati and the Starseed Children, and between your perception and reality. This epic out of Tijuana’s own Charles Glaubitz features alchemy, cosmology, but most importantly, the truth. It’s all here, maaaaaaan.



Jacq: The Cartoon Utopia by Ron Regé Jr.

The Cartoon Utopia is so transcendentally beautiful, you won’t even need drugs to make you feel euphorically high.


Conrad: Mountebank by DW

Take a hit, get lifted, and lose yourself in the intricate ink lines and mad patterns of this “psychedoolic” sketchbook.


Sean: The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book by Joe Daly

Looking to get into an elevated state of mind? Make a bowl of cereal, put on your favorite didgeridoo jams, and reach for The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book for a psychedelic plunge into adventure.



Jason: Rebel Visions: The Underground Comix Revolution 1963-1975 by Various Artists

This one time I got a Kim Deitch underground… pretty sure it was Corn Fed #2… How sure am I? Not very sure! And what do you do when yer not sure, Jack? Well, you go and grab your copy of Patrick Rosenkranz’s Rebel Visions! So I’m peeping my copy to cross reference my ripped memory (thanks to an amazing Mr. Doobie Brothers circa 2002) and… excuse me while I kiss the sky! I’m zig zaggin down my homemade slip’n’slide and straight (sober for 13+ years now) into the undground-shadow-realm-art-resurrection that is the end all be all book regarding thee subject of Underground Cammix! Rebel Visions! So tokin you back to that Deitch joint and I’m in bed, yukin it up, flippin pages, eating some cheese and crackers, and PLOP! What have we here? Center-spread-as-shake-collector spillage ploppin on my chest! The vintage, hippy nug stank wafting about my dome as I reach for a zig zag and roll a jay for my li’l mouse friend.


Emily: Simply Samuel by Tommi Musturi

Black humor is rendered in candy colors, time flows backwards, and nothing is exactly what it seems in this mostly wordless tour-de-force from Finnish cartoonist Tommi Musturi. Riffing endlessly on comics, animation, and art history (with a healthy dose of metafictional shenanigans and good old toilet humor thrown in for variety) the adventures of this one-eyed everyman protagonist are anything but simple.


Marc: Unreal City by D.J. Bryant

With or without intoxicants, Unreal City is a very disassociating read. This will leave you feeling quite weird.


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