Dystopian Debut in Digital


Dörfler — the bold and dizzying debut graphic novel from Jeremy Baum — is now available digitally through comiXology and Sequential.

Set in the future, alternating between current time and flashbacks, between an urban environment and a natural landscape, Dörfler is as much about space and time as it is about the characters who inhabit the two environments. Strange inter-dimensional creatures live in the ancient lands of the Northern Mountains, where electronic and engine powered machinery is rendered inoperable. The city is a police state where the military subjects its citizens to experiments that turn memory and identity into malleable, political tools. While one woman wreaks havoc against the totalitarian state in revenge for what they’d done to her, two lovers try to distinguish between real and false memories.


The towering landscapes play an important role in the story —tremendous skyscrapers of rock formations and trees in contrast to the desolate, vertiginous cityscape that looks like a decaying version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. This daring and sure to be talked-about debut graphic novel can be yours digitally through both comiXology and Sequential.