Wanda’s top picks for National Dog Day

1231259_10101183022854578_1649810858_nTo celebrate #NationalDogDay, we asked our assistant publicist Wanda to share her favorite canines in comics.








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#3  Like A Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Daniel Clowes

As a one-eyed lady, Wanda appreciates just how special the dog born with no orifices is.



#2 Good Dog by Graham Chaffee

Wanda also identified greatly with the protagonist of Good Dog, Ivan, as he struggles to fit in with packs of strays and searches for a master who will recognize that he is in fact, a very good dog. Things have been much better for Wanda since she found a loving home with her mom Jacq, but the story is still emotional resonant for dogs and dog-lovers alike.

but the very best dog of all is…. Snoopy!


#1 Peanuts Every Sunday 1961-1965  by Charles M. Schulz

Wanda may not be able to see all of the beautiful colors in this collection but she loves the oversized Sunday strips and stories of playing with your best friend, having supper, and sleeping away the dog days of summer. She just can’t wait until Snoopy vs. The Red Baron comes out this Fall.