Discount Digital Comics for Dark Times

Hey folks! As I’m sure you don’t need another person or corporate entity to tell you, we’re living through some strange times right now. Staying inside is the order of the day for the foreseeable future, and that has far-reaching ramifications for a lot of people and places we care about. We’ll take this opportunity to remind you to reach out to your local comic shops and bookstores to see how you can support them, donate if you can, and support artists directly whenever possible!

As part of our continuing initiative to limit contagion, we’re encouraging everyone to adopt our new motto, #StayHomeReadComics! However, a lot of us are fully quarantined and/or financially unable to buy full-price books right now. For folks in those situations, we’re offering deep discounts on hundreds of digital titles via Google Play and ComiXology. This sale includes something for everyone, from all-ages titles for the kids home from school, to vintage comics and newspaper strip collections for Gram and Gramps, and our flagship alternative ’90s and contemporary comics and graphic novels to take your mind off the current real-life weirdness. Titles are discounted on a sliding scale, up to 66% off, with prices as low as $2.99. So check them out. Hopefully you’ll find something to help pass the time, while helping to support us, and our amazing artists.

Be safe, take care of each other, #StayHomeReadComics!