A Digitally Jam-Packed Week!

Whoa, what a week! Some highly-anticipated new releases plus a whole boatload of backlist favorites truly makes this a Digital Release Wednesday™ to remember. Let’s get started, shan’t we . . .

Fante Bukowski Two catches up with the aspiring young writer one year later, while he’s attempting to establish himself in a new city’s literary scene, self-publishing his first zine, and coming to terms with his feelings for an old friend. Noah Van Sciver’s Fante Bukowski yearns for success as the great American novelist, but there’s just one problem: he still has no talent. Read this hot new sequel on comiXology or Google Play.





Graham Chaffee, the artist of the much-heralded Good Dog, is back with To Have and To Hold. Set in 1962, Lonnie and Kate Ross confront a domestic cold war. As Kate, frustrated and disillusioned, looks outside her marriage for satisfaction, Lonnie’s suspicions of his wife’s infidelity lead him down a deadly road of increasing paranoia and violence. Chaffee captures the pulpy atmosphere of classic noir in To Have and To Hold, now available through comiXology and Google Play.





The All Time Comics saga continues with Atlas #1! The American public is being manipulated. The media is powerless. The congressmen are corrupt. Can Atlas save us? Or will he be defeated . . . by fear itself? Written by Josh Bayer and with art by Benjamin Marra, Atlas #1 is ready for pick-up on comiXology.






Concluding the three-part Mythology of S. Clay Wilson art book/biography collection comes Belgian Lace from Hell. Including work from Zap, Taboo, and Weirdo, this book also chronicles the artist’s life and career spiraling out of control. Vol. 3, wonderfully and thoroughly written by Patrick Rosenkranz, can now be found on comiXology and Google Play.






We mentioned backlist releases, right? The Fantagraphics vault creaked open this week and, well, a lot of them snuck out. Here’s the full list, now available on comiXology for the very first time:

Dungeon Quest: Book One by Joe Daly

Dungeon Quest: Book Two by Joe Daly

Dungeon Quest: Book Three by Joe Daly

Unlovable Vol. 1 by Esther Pearl Watson

Unlovable Vol. 2 by Esther Pearl Watson

Beasts!: Book One

Beasts!: Book Two