Digital Wimmen’s Comix, Uptight, and More!

We are very happy to present the groundbreaking, decades-long anthology Wimmen’s Comix this week. Today also marks the digital return of Jordan Crane and even more goodies from our backlist.

wimminslipcaseIn the late ’60s, underground comix changed the way comics readers saw the medium, but there was an important pronoun missing from the artistic revolution. In 1972, ten women cartoonists got together to rectify the situation and produce the first and longest-lasting all-woman comics anthology Wimmen’s Comix. Within two years the Wimmen’s Comix Collective had introduced cartoonists like Roberta Gregory and Melinda Gebbie and would go on to publish artists like Carol Tyler, Mary Fleener, Dori Seda, Phoebe Gloeckner, Lynda Barry, Alison Bechdel, and many others. This pioneering work can now be yours through comiXology.



UptightJordan Crane’s one-man anthology Uptight is back for its fifth issue and features two gripping stories — one mundane, and the other fantastic. Become immersed in Crane’s storytelling, pacing, and design in this giant size volume, now available through comiXology.

Also, comiXology crept into the Fanta vaults once again and pulled out some of our favorites. Available for your personal reading devices for the very first time are:

Artichoke Tales by Megan Kelso

Blazing Combat by Archie Goodwin and various artists

Chance in Hell by Gilbert Hernandez

Love from the Shadows by Gilbert Hernandez

The Troublemakers by Gilbert Hernandez