Digital Wednesday

This week we are featuring two new collections — one assembling short stories from a modern-day marvel and another a continuation of Crockett Johnson’s great 20th century strip.

disNoah Van Sciver’s Disquiet highlights a dozen short comics by the acclaimed cartoonist behind Fante Bukowski and The Hypo. In this book you have “The Death of Elijah Lovejoy,” on Midwestern abolitionists in the 1830s; “The Lizard who Laughed,” about a painfully dysfunctional reunion; and “Punks Vs. Lizards,” an anarchic, darkly comic piece of absurdity that blends Quadrophenia with Jurassic Park. Find Disquiet on comiXology and Google Play.





barnabyThe third volume of Barnaby collects the postwar years, continuing five-year-old Barnaby Baxter and his fairy godfather J.J. O’Malley’s misadventures. The true magic of Barnaby resides in its canny mix of fantasy and satire, amplified by the understated elegance of Crockett Jonson’s clean, spare art. Get the new installment of this comic strip masterpiece from comiXology and Google Play.