Digital Underground

This week we have two new Fantagraphics Underground releases. That means your tablet is about to get strange and stranger. Let’s get to it!

At long last, what you’ve been waiting for — a big collection of Gerald Jablonski’s psychedelically underground, absurdly avant-garde comics: Farmer Ned’s Comics Barn. Jablonski has been comics’ best-kept secret for decades, telling the tales of imposter ants, bear-faced grumps, and stoic farmers with pun-laden word balloons that wildly snake around the page. This book also includes a discussion with Gary Groth and it can all be yours through comiXology today.





You know John Cuneo from his award-winning illustrations that have graced the pages of Esquire or the covers of The New Yorker, but less known are the over-the-top and hilariously perverse cartoons that fill the pages of Not Waving But Drawing. Assembling Cuneo’s best privately drawn sketchbook pages, each page immediately introduces us to unique takes on sex and domestic life in his signature squiggly style. These dark thoughts, lightly rendered, can be found on comiXology.

We’ve also got one backlist book that’s escaped the Fantagraphics vault and launched its way onto comiXology as well today. That is the Rand Holmes retrospective titled The Artist Himself. Fire up those tablets!