Digital Releases by Hanks, Luce, and Wood

Fletcher Hanks, Ed Luce, and Wally Wood make up our digital dream team this week. They are also accompanied by some rather risqué backlist titles. Here we go . . .

hanksFletcher Hanks was the first great comic book auteur: he wrote, penciled, inked, and lettered all his stories between 1939 and 1941. Whether it’s the superhero Stardust dolling out poetic justice or the jungle protectress Fantomah tearing evildoers limb from limb, pop surrealism and violent mayhem are abundant in all of Hanks’s work. Originally featured in two paperbacks, this deluxe volume collects all of Hanks’s previously published material, plus several newly discovered gems. Find Turn Loose our Death Rays and Kill Them All! on comiXology and Google Play.



oafWuvable Oaf, the Bay Area bear, is back! Follow Ed Luce’s signature character as he searches for love in the local metal and wrestling scenes in Blood & Metal, which collects a number of short Wuvable stories. Featuring in-ring action and a look into Oaf’s formative childhood years, this new collection has it all. It can now available through comiXology and Google Play.






woodWho was Wallace Wood? The maddest artist of Mad magazine? The man behind Marvel’s Daredevil? The Life and Legend is an incisive look back at the life and career of one of the most mythic figures of cartooning. Edited over the course of 30 years, The Life and Legend is not only a biographical portrait, but is also generously illustrated by Wood’s art, little-seen personal photos, and childhood ephemera. Explore the life of this maverick artist now through comiXology and Google Play.




We’re also pulling out all the stops and pulling off all the clothes with these backlist titles, now available for the first time through comiXology:

Naked Cartoonists edited by Gary Groth

The Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward

The Pin-Up Art of Humorama