Digital Purgatory

This week’s digital releases feature a brand new FU Press book and a variety of titles from your backlist wish list. Let’s do it!

For the committed outsider, adolescence can be a nightmare. Purgatory by Casanova Frankenstein, a truly distinct and remarkable artist, may at first appear to be the tale of a classic case of teenage avoidance, but this is not a story about dysfunctional coping techniques. No, it’s a triumphant story of an individual who doggedly refuses to be atomized by the masses. Taken right from the artist’s raw sketchbook, Purgatory can now be yours through comiXology.





The hinges to the Fantagraphics vault once again were put to good use this week, as we release from the depths three books from across the spectrum of art excellence. All of these books are available now through comiXology for the very first time:

Artists Authors Thinkers Directors by Paul Hornschemeier

Bread & Wine: An Erotic Tale of New York by Samuel Delany and Mia Wolff

Cartoons for Victory by Warren Bernard