Digital Madness!

We’re especially excited about this week’s digital releases, which feature new reprints, old favorites, and an Argentine debut!

real dealMore rage per page! More slaughter for your dollar! Real Deal, a self-published independent comic book created by Lawrence “Rawdog” Hubbard and H.P. “R.D. Bone” McElwee, in finally collected in all its glory. Combining classic Mad magazines with Blaxploitation films, Real Deal is full of convicts, hustlers, drug addicts, and murderers and straddles the line between satirizing and showing the harsh realities of urban life. The entire collection can now be found on comiXology.





futureThe Longest Day of the Future is Argentine cartoonist and graphic designer Lucas Varela’s debut graphic novel in America and takes place in a futuristic city where two mega-corporations share power, while also indulging in a thankless war to eliminate each other by any means necessary. Much like the work of Jason, The Longest Day of the Future is wordless and masterfully crafted, making this one of the most irreverent books of 2016. Find it at comiXology today.





blubberGilbert Hernandez, and his unfettered Id, is back with Blubber #3. Pupusi gets it on with a hideous monster, a couple of lustful fauns follow suit, and an alien takes a substantial bowel movement. Absurd, explicit, and profanely comical, Blubber makes all other comics blush. Issue #3, and the first two previous issues, can be found on comiXology.






Not to be forgotten, comiXology has also unleashed a couple of books from our vast backlog this week:

The Emperor’s New Clothes by Jonah Kinigstein

Cork High and Bottle Deep by Virgil Partch