Digital Debuts: Sacred Heart and Chicago

sacredheart  chicago

Two heartfelt, eye-opening graphic novel debuts make their way into the digital airspace and onto your personal reading devices today.

First up is Liz Suburbia’s wonderful coming-of-age graphic novel Sacred Heart. Set against the threat of the great reckoning, Sacred Heart is filled with teenage loves, fights, and parties.

SacredHeart1 SacredHeart2

The children of U.S. small-town Alexandria are just trying to live like normal teens until their parents’ promised return from a mysterious, four-year religious pilgrimage, and Ben Schiller is no exception. She’s trying to take care of her family, keep faith that her parents will come back, and get through her teen years as painlessly as possible. But her relationship with her best friend is changing, her younger sister is hiding a dark secret, and a terrible tragedy is coming for them all. Sacred Heart is available now through comiXology and Sequential.

From Harvey and Eisner-nominated cartoonist and editor Glenn Head comes Chicago, the hilarious and harrowing tale of a nineteen-year-old virgin who drops out of everything and into the unknown.

Chicago1 Chicago2

Abandoning suburbia for art school and then the gritty gutters of the city of Chicago, young Glenn finds himself fending off street predators and fighting depression. A visit to the Playboy offices offers an entrance into the world of underground comix and R. Crumb, but it’s a chance encounter with Muhammad Ali that allows young Glenn to prove his mettle. Chicago is an unforgettable tale of losing one’s mind, finding one’s identity, and discovering love where it’s least expected. Chicago is now available on comiXology and Sequential.