Digital Debut: Terror Assaulter


Rain justice down upon your personal reading devices with the digital release of Terror Assaulter (O.M.W.O.T.)

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Highly stylized, hyper-masculine, and disinterested in consequences — cartoonist Benjamin Marra brilliantly satirizes America’s obsession with justice in Terror Assaulter (O.M.W.O.T.). Battering down the boundaries between psychedelia, political commentary, and aggressive expressionism, Terror Assaulter must defeat Terror at all costs, as long as it leaves time for some steamy dates on the side. The man’s codename is O.M.W.O.T. (One Man War On Terror) and he is the world’s greatest protector . . . and a villain’s worst nightmare. This hilarious take on American foreign policy, philosophy, and sexuality can be yours through comiXology and Sequential.

Also, let’s not forget that the Sequential app has opened up the Fantagraphics vault and added a few fan favorites to their archives. Starting today, look for:

Buddy Buys a Dump by Peter Bagge

The Adventures of Venus by Gilbert Hernandez

Weathercraft by Jim Woodring

The Squirrel Machine by Hans Rickheit