Digital Comics by Piskor and Kelso

We’re unloading the new issue of Hip Hop Family Tree and a few Megan Kelso graphic novels digitally just for you this week!


In issue #10 of Ed Piskor’s award-winning series Hip Hop Family Tree, the endlessly quoted graffiti documentary Style Wars gets lovingly dissected. Also, did you know Public Enemy were first the Spectrum City DJs? That Flavor Flav can play a dozen musical instruments? Power on your tablets and learn about all these earth-shattering discoveries only through comiXology.






Megan Kelso has been a DIY cartoonist and publisher since the early ’90s, equally mastering both the autobiographical and fantasy genres. This week we’re pulling out two modern classics from our backlist and offering them through comiXology:

Queen of the Black Black


The Squirrel Mother