Daily OCD 6.14.12

The freshest Online Commentary & Diversions:

Kupperman's Twain

Review: Today on the Comics Alliance, writer Matt D. Wilson covers the unique career of Michael Kupperman. The king of one-man anthologies cannot be classified, "There's no need to elaborate on how or why [Mark Twain and Albert Einstein] know each other; Kupperman wants to get straight into the laboratory ghosts and ant colony visits. Kupperman's humor doesn't rest in relationships; it's invested in concepts."

Plug: Fantagraphics creator Michael Kupperman will be performing his own blend of comedy with geek rapper, Adam WarRock, on July 10th (for those of you not going to the Significant Objects party at The Strand). Tickets available now for the show at Littlefield in Brooklyn.

 What is All This

Review: Bookstore McNally Jackson lovingly writes on about Stephen Dixon's collected stories, What Is All This?: Uncollected Stories . Dustin says,"Let us call that the first tenet of Stephen Dixon: the world can be—though we are in it, of it—ill-fitting, like pants. The world is like pants. And the pants always win."

 Fantagraphics Booth

Commentary: The Hooded Utilitarian couldn't get enough of the Fantagraphics stylish booth at BEA. Cheryl Lynn Eaton enjoyed the seating the fact we "provided free sample books to those who had questions. Eric Reynolds even took the time to help a lapsed reader like me sort through the intricate history of Love and Rockets, which was greatly appreciated! I was highly impressed."