Daily links: 4/30/09

• Review: "Riveting… Fingerman [is] one of the meatiest cartoonists going… Fingerman makes [Connective Tissue protagonist] Darla so smart and funny and draws so distinctively, like Daumier might for Playboy…" – Booklist (no link; from print)

• Review: "Boody… is a compilation of the wonky comics work of that overlooked genius, Boody Rogers… Rogers' quirky cartooning style is faintly reminiscent of Al Capp crossed with Basil Wolverton, and his creations are wild and strange to say the least. This is an attractive compilation, wonderfully designed by Jacob Covey, that captures the charm and feel of 1940s-era comic books." – Gary Sassaman, Innocent Bystander

• Review: "Humbug is… sumptuous… It is quite possibly the best designed book I've ever seen come out of any comics company, clean and attractive and perfectly suiting its late 1950s time period. …[I]t's a perfect little time capsule by five cartoonists and humorists at the top of their respective games." – Gary Sassaman, Innocent Bystander (same link as above)

• Review: "Sam's Strip is a whimsical little humor strip… It's a giant in-joke, charming in its inception and invention… and again, it's one damn fine-looking book." – Gary Sassaman, Innocent Bystander (same link as above)

• Review: "Supermen! [is]… in a format (designed by the editor) that perfectly complements its source material… I'm hoping for a second volume." – Gary Sassaman, Innocent Bystander (same link as above)

• Plug: Decider previews our FCBD Love and Rockets comic: "While this teaser doesn’t feature any of the series’ most beloved characters (save superhero wannabe Penny Century), it’s still a good introduction to Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s blend of magical realism, goofy wit, and surprising poignancy."

• Discussion: The Ohlone College "Bibliophiles Anonymous" book club is reading Ghost World in May