Cold Heat Special

Whether or not you're a fan of the original run of Cold Heat comics I highly recommend picking up the new Cold Heat Special with Jon Vermilyea doing the artwork to Frank Santoro's writing. I don't have time to write up a proper review of the comic but suffice it to say that Vermilyea is a great young talent and you could do worse than to collect all his work before you can't Ebay it for less than an arm and a leg.

This particular CH story is by far my favorite–but then the style of Frank Santoro's airy art is somewhat lost on me (though it seems to have been received well by many others so you decide). This edition is a very different take. More traditionally polished, Vermilyea's lush backrounds and smart compositions are beautiful and for the absurdly low price of $10 you can get the limited edition (50 copies!) silkscreened cover edition from Picturebox.

[Large-format 11"x16" short comic.]