Cheech Wizard and Hip Hop Digitally

Cheech Wizard and hip hop have always made a perfect pair, so it’s fitting that they are the subjects of today’s digital releases.

Once upon a time at two-thirty in the afternoon, on the enchanted island of York, lived a Wizard… a mild-mannered, lovable Wizard who wore a big hat to mask his true identity. But who is under the hat? Who is Cheech Wizard? Vaughn Bode created Cheech in 1956 and the character remained a constant companion for the rest of Bode’s life, surfacing in his college papers, underground comix, the National Lampoon, and in the world of graffiti art.

Cheech Wizard’s Book of Me brings this elemental, pop-essential corpus of transcendent art to the masses by collecting all the Cheech Wizard comics and artwork into one place for the very first time, along with the continued adventures by Mark Bode. This volume can be yours through comiXology, Sequential, or Google Play.

Ed Piskor’s award-winning, historically-accurate saga on the birth of the music genre continues with Hip Hop Family Tree #5.

The uptown hip hop world collides with the swank downtown Manhattan art scene in the fifth issue of this monthly series. We’re also introduced to hip hop luminaires like the Beastie Boys, Doug E. Fresh, Ice T, and KRS-One as rap music in 1981 continues to expand and explode. Find this issue at comiXology!