Check Out This Week’s Digital Lineup!

New comics from living legends and new favorites, underground artists and Fantagraphics Underground — this week’s got it all! We are proud to present four new digital debuts that both run the gamut of subject matter and celebrate the comics medium as a whole.

fleshGilbert Hernandez is back is with a brand-new, full-color, sexually-explicit retelling of Bible parables. As only the unfettered id of Hernandez could conceive, Garden of Flesh retells the stories of Adam and Eve up to Noah’s Ark, blurring the lines between erotic and pornography. Find this book on comiXology and Google Play today!






bloodAmerican Blood is the definitive collection of artist Benjamin Marra’s provocative, self-published comics from the past several years. This collection features the notorious “Gangsta Rap Posse,” “The Naked Heroes,” “Lincoln Washington,” and more! Whether you are new to Marra’s unique comic stylings or a Marra completist, American Blood is the book for you. It’s now available on comiXology.






forestGuy Colwell, fine artist and the cartoonist behind Inner City Romance, is back with In Fox’s Forest. After a successful hunt with his mate, a fox is captured by the “two leggers” and thrust into captivity. There he faces dangers more insidious than the simple eat-or-be-eaten laws of nature. This fable for modern times can be yours through comiXology and Google Play.






libickiAnd last, but not least is Miriam Libicki’s new FU Press collection Toward a Hot Jew. In these graphic essays, Libicki investigates what it means globally and culturally to be Jewish, dating from her time in the Israeli military to her tenure as an art professor. This new high watermark in autobiographical comics is now available through comiXology.