New Digital Releases from Piskor and Sala

Nobody else in comics is able to express the past so kinetically as Ed Piskor or the macabre so masterfully as Richard Sala. They are both here this week with new digital debuts! Ed Piskor’s monthly Hip Hop Family Tree continues with issue #4 this week. The installment climaxes with the legendary rap battle confrontation between Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee Starski, but also features Grandmaster Flash and the growing influence of Sugar Hill Records. Oh, and Blondie plays “Rapture” on something new called MTV too. Read Hip Hop Family Tree #4 on your own personal reading device through…

New Comic Book Day

Two new classics hit comic book shelves today! Look for Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Vol. 8: The Tomorrow Wars (also available as a gift set with Vol.7)  and Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant Vol. 12: 1959-1960 When a magic cloak sends Mickey to the future, he expects to see wild high-tech innovations — but he didn’t count on high-tech warlord Pegleg Pete, whose robot Mekka Men hold the World of Tomorrow in an iron grip. It’s up to Mickey, Minnie, and fembot femme-fatale Mimi to end this electronic enemy’s reign of terror! Floyd Gottfredson, artist of Mickey Mouse from 1930-1975, created…

New Comic Book Day!

  Humpday is here! And that means shiny new comics are hitting stores right now. You can find the following just-released titles at a local comic book shop or online at Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge Gift Box Set: “Only A Poor Old Man” and The Seven Cities of Gold” by Carl Barks Peanuts Every Sunday Vol. 3 by Charles M. Schulz The Eternaut by Héctor Germán Oesterheld      

New Comic Book Day: Dinomania, Ducks, and more!

Dinomania stomps into comic book shops today and it is truly a beast, weighing in at nearly 6 lbs! Winsor McCay fans will delight in the unearthed, never-before-published strip Dino. Author Ulrich Merkl also explores McCay’s influences from movie monsters like King Kong to Gertie the Dinosaur. This book has something for everyone fond of these fantastic creatures. Check out a great preview at Forbidden Planet and pick it up at your local shop or order it from Fantagraphics.     Today’s shipment also includes a new volume of adventures from the Dona Rosa Library, “The Last of the Clan McDuck”…

New Comic Book Day: Class Photo

[twentytwenty] [/twentytwenty] For anyone who has ever wandered the aisles of thrift stores or explored estate sales and wondered, “What stories do these objects have to tell?”- Robert Triptow’s Class Photo is the answer. When he stumbled across a real-life class photo of an anonymous 1937 public school under a pile of garbage, his imagination took off. Several years later, the result is the utterly charming, completely original graphic novella Class Photo. Using the photo as a springboard, each student’s fictionalized life is depicted in one- page installments. Triptow weaves these imagined lives in and out like so many dedications in…

New Comics Wednesday!

Treat yourself to some spooky/scary new comics! Today in stores you can find: Forty Whacks featuring EC Comics Library legend Jack Kamen’s twisted tales of murder. Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: “Trick or Treat” by Carl Barks, a classic story collection perfect for the upcoming holiday. Usagi Yojimbo: the special edition, the beautifully packaged softcover, slipcased set contains over 1000 pages of stories. This is the complete, definitive, early Usagi. Hip Hop Family Tree #2 is a monthly comic worth adding to your pull box. Find these at your local comic shop, bookstore or online at

New Comics Wednesday: Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia

Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia There’s an absence of authority in the town of Alexandria, and the teens are trying to keep their makeshift society together until their parents return. But students keep dying mysteriously, local band The Crotchmen rock the nights away, freshmen palm readers and seers have lines out the door, and Ben Schiller has had it up to HERE with her sister Empathy’s disappearing act. It’s a punk summer vacation that might not make it to fall. “A book that’s relatable, terrifying and an incredible portrait of adolescence.” – Comic Book Resources​ “Accessible while addressing complex themes,…

New Comics Wednesday

Glenn Head’s Chicago hits stores today! “[Glenn Head] has style to burn, and his comics are always a highlight wherever they appear” – The Comics Reporter “Entertaining” – Paste Magazine “Unflinching” – John Porcellino “Head’s comics style ties right into the Underground setting of the late 1970’s that he’s exploring, and with innovative stylistic choices, Head manages to take us inside the psychological perceptions and reactions of the youthful protagonist to create an emotional and unfailingly truthful narrative.” – Bleeding Cool Find it at your local comic shop: Bookstore: Or online at Fantagraphics:

New Comics Wednesday

Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 3 drops in comics shops today! NPR has said of the book “The amount of research he’s done sets a rather terrifying new standard for anyone else inclined to study the birth of hip-hop.” Indeed, every book comes with an extensive reference page, that includes soundtrack selections. We’ve turned it into a handy Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!