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The Armed Garden and Other Stories by David B.

Our new David B. book The Armed Garden just dropped, but did you know that this is actually the second major English-language David B. book to be released in the past couple of months? A UK publisher called Metromedia / SelfmadeHero released its edition of Par les Chemins Noirs (collecting both volumes to date of the French edition) to the British market earlier this summer. Samples here. This book has not yet been released stateside, but we're told that will happen sometime soon. Impatient David B. fans can buy a copy on Amazon U.K., where it will run you about thirty bucks including shipping to the U.S., which isn't bad for 120 pages of large-size full-color (colored by Jason colorist Hubert, incidentally) David B. art. (There are also a few copies available from sellers on US Amazon.) It's the most "European" of David's books in format, style, and subject matter, and his first adult full-color book to be released in English.

Black Paths - David B.

Metromedia also published Patrick McEown's remarkable Hairshirt and is scheduled to release a more affordable and available (than the various odd US editions) complete Incal by Moebius/Jodorowsky later in the fall, so these are guys to watch. Hopefully their books will get some US distribution soon.