Artist Bio – Roger Langridge

{mosimage}Roger Langridge was born in New Zealand in 1967. He decided to become a cartoonist when he was six years old; for some reason it stuck (perhaps because it was more attainable than his previous career goal of “mad scientist”). Since 1990, when he moved to London to pursue his career, Roger Langridge has worked for most of the major comic publishers in the English-speaking world, as well as sustaining a parallel career as an illustrator. His self-published title “Fred the Clown” (collected into one volume by Fantagraphics in 2004) has been nominated for Eisner, Harvey, Ignatz and Reuben Awards. The weekly internet version of Fred the Clown won the UK’s National Comic Award for “Best Online Comic” in 2003. Influenced by comedy past and present, classic American newspaper strips, and the commercial art styles of the early 20th century, Roger Langridge’s work betrays a restless stylistic playfulness, a pessimism about human nature, and an absurdist perspective on human folly.

“Boasting superb draftsmanship, and encyclopedic knowledge of the history of newspaper ‘funnies’ and a hilariously mean-spirited sense of humor, Roger Landridge’s retro-styled cartooning shares much more in common with Chris Ware‘s better-known Jimmy Corrigan strips. – The List

“A cartoonist’s cartoonist… he’s an exceptional draftsman and humorist… He’s one of the funniest cartoonists working today.” – Sunday Patriot News

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